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The Story of the 7 Evil Dwarves

Once upon a time, a long time ago…

There was this woman. We’ll call her Snarky. As a mother of four kids ages 4 to 13 now (much younger then), she decided since she was always writing down the stories in her head that she should try to get published. Share these characters and worlds with other people, and hey, maybe get paid for it too. (See those four mouths to feed.)

Well, Snarky started to write a book. It wasn’t half-bad, but she knew she needed to improve and learn and grow, and she wanted other people to talk to about this obsessively crazy thing called writing.

So, she heard about these things called ‘Critique Groups’. Boy, did that sound fun. First, she tried some online. Then she looked for a local group. (To see the full story, click here)

Unfortunately, Snarky wrote fantasy in one form or another. Most groups didn’t really ‘get’ that sort of thing.

So, Snarky found this website, Meetup.com and after taking some time to calm her nerves and find her courage, Snarky created a group. Then she created a first meeting, knowing no one was going to come.

Well, people showed up all right.

Including Smokey Dwarf. A retired engineer, Smokey had a love of writing. He figured since he had the time, he might as well enjoy it.

The initial group fell into two main areas.

The first was literary, the second Spec Fic—Science fiction, fantasy, horror. Smokey Dwarf wrote the same things Snarky did.

Eventually, the group split. The literary folks went their own way, while Snarky and Smokey continued their fantasy group.

Then, came along Eerie Dwarf and Wicked Dwarf. They were also looking for the same things that drew Smokey and Snarky to write & get better. IE Published.

Other people came and went, but these four were sure they’d found the right place and the right people.

They became commiserators, helpers, critiquers and all around great friends.

As time went by, they dragged in Hippy Dwarf and Sunny Dwarf, found they were perfect fits too, and made them stay.

More recently came Quirky Dwarf, the young’un of the group.

They tried to add other people, but then finally figured it out.

7 is their number.

And these 7 dwarves all share the same warped, perverted brains and ideas.

So Cheers to the 7 Evil Dwarves, the perfect writers group.

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