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Meet the Dwarves – Snarky

Ooh, it’s Monday. That means I’m up. Here’s a little about me:

BEWARE: Sizzling Passion ahead.

Sometimes love BURNS, and women refuse to stay home, waiting for rescue, but instead go out and brave the dangers of the world to fiercely protect the men they love.

Who am I? Well sit down a spell and I’ll begin.

I’m an author of Urban Fantasy—gotta love those Kick-Ass heroines and the Alpha Males they tame. I also write spicy Paranormal Romance with magic, mayhem and independent women who find their destined mate—though the path to true love is never easy.

Some say writers must be schizophrenic, or at least have multiple personalities. I don’t think I quite agree with that, though I’ve yet to come up with an explanation for all the people and voices running around in my head saying ‘Write about Me!’ I love to work on different projects, each one taking me to a new world to meet new characters. That’s what I hope others get from my writing: An ESCAPE to a place full of action, mystery, and most important, finding LOVE along the way.

My favorite places are those where Dragons not only soar the sky, but become sexy partners in bed. Where a princess is also a tiger shifter, and it’s her duty to drag her runaway betrothed home. Where a half-breed must find her way through life while keeping her soul intact, and face the difficult choice of Love—the sexy angel or the dangerous demon?

As a mother of four, I was blessed with two boys ages 13 & 11, and two younger girls for them to protect, ages 8 & 4. In the fall of 2010, my baby starts kindergarten, and I’ll be left home alone.

Writing time!

Where I’m At:

Find me on Twitter: @higleybrowne

At http://higleybrowne.wordpress.com/

Or as Dragon Mama at: http://plotmamas.wordpress.com/

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