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Why I Write Sci-Fi

   I love star trek, not because of its many races and technologies, no, I love star trek (“The Next Generation” specifically) because of its logic. Most situations were solved not by narrow escapes and last-second heroism, but by thinking things through. It’s rare to see a show use its brain so much, but hey, it’s a Sci-Fi right? Well, that leads into my genre, Sci-Fi. I like using my head. It’s fun, like a challenge almost. I want to see how complex of a plot I can make, or, give my characters a certain situation with certain variables and find out how they can get through it with the least amount of danger. It’s like a puzzle.

   If you’ve read my blog, you’d know that I’m pretty young still, (22) and being that young means I’m still learning the ropes of writing. Fun thing is, people consider Sci-Fi one of the hardest genres to write about.

   So, am I masochistic? Cuz I’ll tell you, writing Sci-Fi is NOT easy.

   Haha no. Actually, I’d rather think it’s part of my personality. I try to be the best at something as quickly as possible, and by doing that I push the “hard mode” button on everything I first try out. So, I started writing Sci-Fi when I really got into writing, well knowing it was hard, and in the hope of learning quickly.

   This, as I now know, is not a good idea. Best to start slow with writing, its too complex to learn quickly. Lesson learned.

   Sad thing is, I promised myself to finish my first book, a Sci-Fi of course, so there’s no backing out now! There may be no going back either. Did I mention I liked challenges?

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