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 Categorizing my writing is something I’m loathe to do.  Writing is a very solitary and individual undertaking.  What I write is not really by choice.  It is what comes out of my sick and demented head. 

 I of course have influences such as Anne Rice and Stephen King, but I read a wide variety of books and they all don’t slip into the stories that are woven by my characters. 

 The truth is I don’t write what I write.  I start with a loose idea and a firm grasp on who will be telling the story, from there the character i.e. the story teller makes it up as he/she goes along.  It is a journey for me and often takes me to places I never thought I’d go.  If I had to pigeon hole a genre, I guess it would be horror.  I like to write about young people, but I don’t think that makes my work strictly for the young.  (Why should they get all the fun?)

 Young people are less predictable and that makes them more fun to turn loose to tell the story.  So get in touch with your inner child and let them romp free through the cluttered mind field that is my head and abracadabra!  You get the magic that is a story.  Sometimes scary, sometimes funny, but always Eerie.

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