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Breaking through writer’s block

           Writer’s block for writers is like catching a cold, though the bug isn’t lethal, it’s crippling on every level. For me, I usually let the creative disease have its few days, anything after that and I get pretty darn annoyed. I want to write, but I can’t. It’s like if my body aches to go to the gym, but I have wait for a package to come and I have no idea when it’s going to be here. It’s that kind of annoying.

            So how do I beat it? I don’t. If I can’t write, and if I’m not in the true mood to make good art, I don’t make art, I outline it. That’s right! When I’m not in the mood for setting a beautiful scene or making dialogue important enough to stand out, I’ll just outline. Outlining sets me up for my future endeavors, outlining saves me time later when I don’t have to figure things out, and outlining is almost as fun as real writing. It’s the logical solution right? Well, for me anyway.

            Kyle Townsend

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