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The name of the game is creativity

How do you get your creativity working?

Here’s how I see my job. I’m an author. It’s my job to constantly improve my craft, but also to improve my creativity.

People always say there’s fodder for stories in everything we see and hear around us.

I agree. Admittedly, though, there was a time I heard that and laughed. No there’s not, I replied.

The key, I think, is to train you mind to see them.

My novella coming out October 8th, Dragos: Burned, essentially came about because of two things– my love of all things dragon, and the spark of an idea I had.

What would happen if a dragon shape shifter and a fireman fell in love?

Well, right there told me it was going to be a paranormal romance.

I had been pushing my personal boundaries and trying to write (and be comfortable with writing) sex scenes. So, I decided to include some of those.

Then it became a paranormal erotic romance.

***See how my brain progresses J

It’s all a matter of finding what sparks your muse. It’s not write what you know. I’ve personally never met a dragon, though I have met some pretty hot firemen.

The saying should be, Write What You Love.

Because if you love something, the ideas will show themselves and help yu train your brain to see them.

How do you find your spark of creativity? How do you find your ideas?

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