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Creativity Starters?

1. Talking with the characters. This always brings surges of creativity and fosters a foundation for new ideas and possible directions with the story. Occasionally, though, the characters and I have disagreements–which I’m still learning I will never win. But, even then, the discussions break down mental barriers which further the flow of creativity. So, it’s all good.

2. Music. This is a guaranteed ticket to a ride on the creativity train. Everything from the melody to the lyrics in music spark deep creative ideas and fuels the desire to write.  For instance, the song I’m listening to right now–Letters from the Sky by Civic Twilight–is putting pictures and ideas into my head. It’s helping me connect to my characters on a whole new level and get a sense of their emotions, their desires. They are, after all, human beings too. The more I know them, the more I know myself, the better I can write.

3. Reading. Sounds simple enough, right? This one is a double-edged sword. Reading amazing books, or screenplays, or poetry inspires me to reach higher and write. However, I occasionally feel like a complete ass for thinking I could ever write (or aspire to write) as well as the material I’m reading. Feelings of inadequacy have to be slain quickly, lest they take root and begin to spread. Fantastic writing is inspiring on one hand, and poses a great challenge on the other. As a writer, I embrace them both–hopefully improving my own writing while slaying the self-doubt demons that threaten creativity.

4. Strong emotions. Whether it’s anger or joy or anything in between, if the emotion is intense, it often ignites the creativity part of my brain into action.

5. Nothing at all. Sometimes…seemingly out of nowhere…creativity sparks. Like it has a mind of its own. I love those times.

Sunny Dwarf –alter ego of Gabrielle Taylor

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