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And from little seed…

I’m driving down the road, music blasting (no, not because I’m deaf, but loud is the best way to listen to it) and suddenly a line from a song hits me. While the greatness of the idea blinds me momentarily, it does recede enough so I can slam on the brakes before compacting the station wagon in front of me who so politely stopped for a red light.  The pale face of fear reflecting in the rearview mirror of the station wagon is a distant memory as my mind starts to spin with possibilities.  Caught up in my newest creation, only the fact I’ve traveled this route so many times before allows me to make it safely to my garage.  Rushing into the house, tripping over the furball trying to greet me, I rush to put my delicate new ideas on to paper where as each stroke of the keyboard or pen diminishes the fear that the idea will leave before I’m ready to let it go.

Music is a great idea sparker for me.  Sometimes it’s a lyric or the reasons behind those lyrics that will fan that creative flame to life for me. Songs are like snapshots for me.  It leads me down the twisted paths of why? what happened? who would do this?  Such questions are the basis for building your characters and your world.

Ideas can come from anywhere: books, discussions, movies, TV, daily news, your children… you name it, it can spark it.  It all depends on what triggers it for you. Most of my stories are character driven which means when a new idea hits, it’s not the story that gets me, it’s the person. Creating a person is key for me, and once I have them down, then I can create their world and where they’re at.

Next time you’re sitting at a Starbucks sipping a latte, eavesdrop a little on the conversations around you, watch the people hurrying in and out of the door, pick up a paper and read an article, or tune everyone out and tune your iTunes in.  Questions will come, follow them, you’ll be surpised at what you find at the end of the road!

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