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Creativity Starters

Starters is a good way of putting this.  It’s like having an appetizer before dinner.  You need something to wet your appetite for the main course.  My ideas come from some very strange or should I say eerie places.  Never from dreams.

For instance recently I was putting on a new pair of shorts and I found a small slip of paper in the pocket that said, “Inspected By #17”.  I started to imagine a character pulling this same message from his pocket except his read something like, “Get out of here you’re in great danger!”  It is a great starter for me.  It can go anywhere and that’s just the way I like to start.  No real idea of what the hell I’m doing.  Just doing.  My next job is to develop the character who is reading this message.

And so begins another journey into the scary neighborhood that is my mind.

Warning: Don’t go there alone.

Write On,

Eerie dwarf AKADave Benneman

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