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Welcome back my friends. Today we’re meeting in the bell tower of the Old Catholic Church. You can see the pauper’s cemetery from here. Don’t worry we’re among friends. The Catholics left when the spirits moved in. Unlike the Catholics the spirits are friendly for the most part. I’m awaiting Mischievous Raven. He should be here any moment. I have a task for my onyx-feathered friend. While we’re waiting let me tell you why I asked you all here today.

I have often talked about why I write. I’ve mentioned that when it comes to the mechanics of writing I’m not very good, but I’m working on that. Recently my creative juices have completely abandoned me. I sure it’s temporary, but it is none-the-less disquieting to make the time to sit and write and… nothing.

My muse is a workingman with stubble on his chin, lunch box swinging from one hand as he swaggers into our collective mind. He has an air confidence that I don’t possess. He fires up a cigarette and pours hot coffee from a thermos as he waits for me to strap on my tool belt. Sitting down, the smoke floats over his features as he taps out a familiar drum solo on the desk.

“A nickel holding up a dollar,” he says.

I drop my tool belt, words and punctuation marks scatter across the floor. My muse grimaces but says nothing this time. I lose a few commas, but I manage to collect everything else and settle down to write. And so it goes—usually.

Lately, he has not come to work, as I said, this is cause for concern. He has been known to go out on the occasional bender, but never for this long. I hope I haven’t offended him in some way.

I’m offering a reward to anyone who knows the whereabouts of my muse. If you see a guy in a chambray shirt, jeans and work boots hanging around, with no particular place to go. Tell him, I miss him.


This weeks quote is from Marilyn Vos Savant:

“Being defeated is often a temporary condition.

Giving up is what makes it permanent.”


Write On,

Eerie AKA Dave Benneman

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