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Aound the campfire…

I thought you might all like a sneak peek into the highly exclusive, somewhat sane, completely twisted horde meetings. What? Oh yeah, sorry. Critique group meetings of us, the 7 Evil Dwarves.

Snarky (snap crack of the seven-foot red bull whip she carries with her at all times): I heard someone whining about this whole holiday season coming up. (Evil glare in the direction of Wicked who just slams back a smart assed grin).

Wicked (boots propped up on the scarred wooden table sipping a hot coco-no whip): Not all of us have demanding editors begging for our stuff just yet, so we got time, right?

Sunny (bravely sitting between Snarky and Wicked): Well I’m sure somewhere between hauling children to various indentured servitudes, cleaning Eerie’s zombie remains off my bedspread, finishing up the next 50,000 words of my freakin’ fabulous YA story, I might be able to squeeze in some time to create the culinary art piece of vegetarian nirvana for everyone. (Arched eyebrow and grumbles from Eerie and Snarky) It wouldn’t hurt either of you to try a little less red meat!

Eerie (looks up from his newest creation some weird cross between a shotgun and flamethrower): Can we bring a guest?

Smokey (the voice of twisted reason emerging from behind the hazy wreath of smoke hovering about his head): What? A quest? Who said anything about a quest.

Wicked/Sunny/Snarky (in one very loud voice): GUEST, not quest!

Smokey: Well in that case I’m bringing my wild Italian sidekick with me.

Wicked (through the snickers accompanying Smokey’s announcement): Eerie, bring a guest, just make sure they’re alive and breathing. Last time, it took me forever to get the stink out of my rugs!

Eerie (slamming his foot into a wiggling disembodied zombie arm making its way under the table, while giving a look with soulful eyes): I know they can be a little messy, but they’re getting better.

Snarky (idling stroking her bullwhip while eyeing the rambling remains trying to get through the door): Better isn’t as good as deader.

(Wicked throws a knife to stop one of Eerie’s pets who emerges from the shadows behind Quirky): Is that even a word?

Snarky: It is if I say it is.

Quirky (looks up from laptop where strange noises of blasters and small tiny screams are emanating from): Hey I’ll bring a casserole.

Wicked (almost snorts coco through her nose and falls out of her chair): You can cook?

Quirky (with a really decent condensing look, it makes us all proud, he’s grown so much!): What? It’s simply reading directions. How hard can it be? (Sneaks a look at his open laptop, typing furiously).

Sunny (delicately cleaning a spot of decaying flesh from the table top): Quirky, what are you doing?

Quirky: Finding a recipe for a casserole. (Wicked and Snarky laugh, Smokey chuckles, Sunny gives him a beatific smile, and Eerie just shakes his head)

Snarky (always able to keep the horde on point, hence her elevated position in the big chair at the end of the table): Find, so we gather during the next full moon over in that little moor over by Smokey’s place.

Wicked (who went over to check out the zombie infestation status outside the meeting place): Hey guys, I think Hippy’s incoming.

(Mad scramble as everyone picks a window to watch Hippy make a mad dash between the shambling corpses wandering outside. A simultaneous gasp of awe emerges as with a quick turn and strike, Hippy barely escapes from the combined efforts of two of the living dead.)

Sunny: Wow! What is that he’s carrying?

Eerie (squinting as if that will help him see through the murky darkness barely illuminated by flickering candlelight): Hmm, I hope he makes it. Whatever he’s using seems to be working. Must have a sharp edge.

Smokey: Wedge? He’s using a wedge?

(Hippy does a flip in mid-air, taking out another zombie between him and the door on his way down. Very matrix-y)

Quirky: That is just not logically possible.

Wicked: Well he just did it so it has to be.

Snarky (moving to the door, pulling it wide as Hippy comes in like a baseball runner into home): You’re late.

Hippy (slightly gasping for breath, carrying his Kindle): Did I miss anything?


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  1. Snarky (Cracking her whip): So true, so very true 🙂

  2. GabrielleTaylor

     /  December 16, 2010

    This is by far….one of the best things I’ve read in awhile. LMAO. 😀 Awesomeness.


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