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Interview with Scott Kenemore author of The Zen of Zombie

Welcome back to the swamp, I finally escaped from the old Catholic church, unfortunately some of my readers were sacrificed in the melee that followed my flight from the graveyard. Luckily or unluckily (depending on your point of view) many of them have reanimated and joined the ranks of the undead. In light of the recent upsurge in the current Zombie population I’ve sought out advice on how best to handle the crisis. We are fortunate, because today we are joined by the eminent researcher on Zombieism Scott Kenemore. Scott has published ‘The Zen of Zombie’ Better Living Through the Undead. He’s here today to answer our questions.

Welcome to the swamp Scott.

So what first interested you in Zombie life? And why do you think we (the living) can benefit by emulating them?

I like zombies because they’re the opposite of vampires.  Zombies are essentially pragmatists who get things done without pretense or affectation.  Vampires are drama queens (or kings) who prioritize things like looking fabulous at all times and letting everyone know how dramatic everything is for them.  Zombies get things done without a lot of frou-frou.  They just pop up and eat your brain.  They don’t need to wear perriwigs and invite you to castles in Romania in order to get what they want.

Of the 24 habits of highly effective zombies is there one or two that you would say are essential for our survival?

It’s hard to pick the most salient lesson of the zombie, but the first one in the book– Be adaptable– might be my favorite.  There are almost no situations to which a zombie cannot or will not adopt.  From blasted war-torn apocalyptic landscapes, to underwater graves, to remote churchyards, zombies find a way to be at home in whatever situation they find themselves in.

On page 25 you illustrate with amazing clarity the difference between how a zombie and a human think. How were you able to gain such insight into the workings of the zombie mind?

Getting into the zombie mind is a matter of simple phenomenology.  Look at what they do– and what they don’t do– and derive your conclusions therefrom.

The message I’ve taken away from your book is, to be undead is, to be free. Am I on target or has my brain already turned to zombie pate’?

Turning to zombie pate is not a bad thing.  You correctly point out that zombies are free.  They do not allow themselves to be constrained by anything except the physical (and even then they find ways around it).  Law, societal conventions, and all forms of municipal signage do not constrain zombies.  This is because zombies have noticed that these artifices are powerless without the willing participation of subjects.  Zombies do not participate.

In your book you imply that we should seek Zombification, isn’t that as simple as getting bit by one the shambler’s and awaiting the inevitable reanimation?

Yeah, you can go that way, but what if, like, a zombie isn’t around?  There’s no sense in waiting.

Are there any survival tips you’d like to pass along to those of us who like being alive, as opposed to being say, undead?

I’m not of the opinion that a zombie apocalypse would actually be survivable by the living.  My advice is to embrace your zombihood sooner rather than later. . .

Well that’s about all the time we have for now. I’d like to thank Scott once again for visiting us in the swamp. You can find his book “The Zen of the Zombie” wherever books are still being sold. He can also be reached through his blog at http://scottkenemore.wordpress.com His new novel, ‘Zombie Ohio, A Tale of the Undead’, can be preordered at http://search.barnesandnoble.com/Zombie-Ohio/Scott-Kenemore/e/9781616082062 and finally his band The Blisters can be reached at http://www.myspace.com/theblissters

I see the swamp thing is getting restless, so until the next time we meet to let the warm squishy stuff ooze between our toes, be safe and try not to have your brains eaten by the zombie horde.

Write On,

Eerie, AKA Dave Benneman

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  1. Charlene Benneman

     /  January 11, 2011

    Loved the interview, Dave! If I were a clever writer, I’d think of something clever to write here.

  1. Interview with Scott Kenemore (The Zen of Zombie) | Breaking News Bites | Zombie Zone News

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