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Singing those January Blues

Welcome back friends, I’m glad you came by the swamp again this week.I do so enjoy our weekly visits.I think I’m suffering from post holiday depression.Even the Zombie horde seems listless.They don’t appear all that hungry for fresh brains these days.Maybe it’s just that they over ate like the rest of us.On the other hand maybe they feel like I do, low energy, lack of motivation.I don’t seem to be able to reach into my reserves to find the joy in wriggling my toes in the warm squishy stuff.A general malaise seems to have infected the whole swamp.My neighbor, the swamp thing, hasn’t stuck her nose above the surface for over a week.That is troubling to say the least.

So January14th, 2011 has arrived with another whole list of resolutions, some of which won’t last the month, but if even one survives the month I will be improved for the effort.In past years I’ve given up smoking, alcohol, and illicit-drugs to name the big three.This year I’ve taken a more positive approach, writing everyday if only for a few minutes, making healthier food choices, and two visits to the gym per week (please note that I’ve committed to visiting not necessary working out, baby steps).I’ve decided that setting small short-term goals will make me apt to remain accountable to myself.

Let’s be honest here even these modest goals will be difficult to maintain long term.

In the past two weeks I’ve installed a hard wood floor and new bookshelves in the swamp, I only mention this because it caused me to move all the stuff that I’ve been collecting for the last ten years.Including old manuscripts of my first novel and other miscellaneous writings.

The first thing that hit me as I looked through some of this material is the improvement in my writing (some of it was down right awful).The second thing that hit me is why I feel compelled to keep this crap.I’m still struggling with the decision to find room for again or to chuck it all.I don’t understand this reticence to unload or recycle it.Sentimental value doesn’t quite do it for me.

You may say dump it why are you emotional attached to a box of paper.The truth is the words on the page represent a shift in the focus of my life, the moment when I put aside my more materialistic goals to pursue a life long desire to write.The moment I put passion ahead of practicality.

I think I’ll find room for it this year.Maybe the recycler will get next time I clean out, maybe, maybe not.Whatever.

Your homework is to find something your passionate over.Then make time for it in your life.

Until our next visit, keep the zombies well fed and out of your head.

This week our quote comes to us from Ralph Waldo Emerson:

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.

Write on,

Eerie AKA Dave Benneman

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1 Comment

  1. Poor zombies. Toss some chum at them. That’ll wake ’em up 🙂 And I’m glad you decided to keep the box, for now 🙂


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