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Happy Birthday George Romero

Welcome back to the swamp for the latest in all things Zombie.First an update on Snarkie’s write everyday rule.I got in 9 hours, but I missed Sunday.My punishment was not too severe and I’m healing nicely.Do you like the party favors?Were celebrating George Romero’s birthday.Yes it’s February the 4th already.I know it comes so quickly doesn’t it. I have to start shopping earlier next year. The swamp thing is having a party also, they get a little crazy over there inhaling swamp gas.I wouldn’t wander too close, if I were you.

So on with the news as promised.Scott Kenemore’s new book Zombie Ohio is on the bookshelves, I urge you to get a copy now while they last.You might need something to keep you entertained while you cower in a hiding place waiting for the Zombie attack to die down (pun totally intended).

The Bureau of Zombie Affairs reports the current Zombie population is in a cyclical upswing at the moment, which moves

the alert status from bone-white to puss-yellow, so be on your guard.

There is no known cure for exposure to the virus, but the B.Z.A. has released the following facts.

1. The virus (Romerum) can only survive in the open environment for 48 hours.

2. Romerum is neither water nor air borne.

3. To become infected the virus must gain access to your blood stream.

4. Heavy duty antiseptics will kill on contact, such as full strength bleach.

As always, full gear is the safest way to proceed in zombie occupied areas.

The B.Z.A. also advises that actions, such as cutting off the infected limb in the field immediately following a bite does not work.

Romerum takes several days before the infected individual manifest into a full-blown zombie. The only safe method of preventing the inevitable reanimation is to destroy the brain prior to conversion.The B.Z.A. urges you to do the right thing

On a lighter note an entrepreneur has opened a restaurant for the shambling public serving brains, reports are business is lively and people are dying to be served.Who knew?

I se the chilled tadpole appetizer has arrived and the swamp juice fountain is flowing, signaling the start of the festivities.Happy birthday George.I’ll leave you with this quote from Tom Waits.

“My reality needs imagination like a bulb needs a socket.My imagination needs reality like a blind man needs a cane.”

Write On,


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