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The Rise of Steampunk

If you haven’t noticed because you’ve been too busy running from Eerie’s undead commune members, you’ll notice the local bookstore shelves have a new member lounging around.  I have to give it to them, they look good in their Victorian and metal fashion statements.  Yep, it’s those Steampunk kids.

For me, they’re an intimidating bunch, so it’s a good thing I’m perfectly happy with my leather wearing, kick-ass, motorcycle riding, women who burn demons on one hand, set their stud muffins on fire with the other and like sharp implements, or I’d have to worry about my Urban Fantasy niche.

I’ve read a few articles on how the Steampunk crowd are now the darlings of the publishing industry. And they may very well be, but remember a few months back it was all about the Zombies.  Although I’m still trying to figure out how you do a Zombie romance. Must remember to ask Eerie to hold a forum on that one with his shamblers, might get some good insight there.

Back to the new kids on the block.  For me, I have no urge to try to break into their world.  I like my magic as magic and not scientifically explainable.  It makes world building a much wilder ride.  I haven’t really read any of the newcomers out there (Katie Mac Allister, Gail Carringer, Cherie Preist, Dru Pagliassotti to name a few), at least not in their Steampunk persona’s. However, I do notice if you dress their characters in tight leather and put them on a modern day motorcycle, they are really not that different from the protag’s of the Urban Fantasy realm.  Think about it!

And since I’m not a fan, I can’t offer much insight, but I did want to take a minute to congratulate those who’ve found the courage to explore such a unique and diverse world of Steampunk.  Cudos, you guys!

For me and mine, we’ll gladly ride beside your steam propelled mechanical horse as you carry your sonic resonating blaster with our spells, magic infused blades, and awesome kick-ass heeled boots as we storm the demon infested portals together!


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  1. Steampunk or magic? Why not have both! I found steampunk to be very interesting, and I didn’t abandon my Fairies. I incorportated Steampunk into my already somewhat edgy characters.

    • Hey Sandra,
      I think if you can do both….go for it! I’m just not that good with it, so I leave it to others…like you! Have fun with it, because after all isn’t that what we’re suppose to do?


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