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Manic or Maniac

Welcome, I see most us made it through the Impenetrable Forest.  Let’s have a moment of silence for  our comrades who perished on the trail.  Has anyone seen Mischievous?  It figures.  I think he took off when the screaming started.  That’d be like him.  Fortunately, we were almost out of the forest when the Piranha Hummingbirds attacked.

We have lots of things to talk about today so let’s get started.  First; Snarky’s Write Everyday or Pay Program.  I didn’t fair so well last week (I didn’t write Mon. thru Wed.) so I’m hiding out here at the cemetery avoiding the inevitable beating that awaits my return to the swamp.  I don’t know for sure, but I think the Swamp Thing rats me out.  Anyway, my excuse is that while I (Eerie Dwarf) take the credit for everything Dave writes I’m also the source of his Manic Depression, which reared its ugly head this week.  The results are easy to describe after the fact but, the emotions and dysfunctional logic that precedes and then, rules the day, are difficult; if not impossible to put into words.  Manic Depression (M.D.) is a disease that convinces the sufferer there is nothing wrong.  M.D. tells you; “You don’t really need your meds, you’re flying perfectly well without them.” That’s only half-true, in a manic state I’m flying for sure but, the plane is headed directly into the sheer face of a granite mountain.  My brain says, “Isn’t this fun.  Let’s go faster.”  And I do.  In the past I’ve managed walk away from the burning wreckage of my bad decisions countless times.  But how many lives have I used up, and more importantly how many innocent victims have hurt.

Today I have better awareness of the power of my disease and an even Higher Power (GOD) who takes the stick and steers the plane away from the mountain.  Monday Tuesday and Wednesday, were a subtle reminder that I need to keep God in the pilot’s seat.  He surrounds me with people who love me and ask the hard questions; like.  “How are you doing?  No, not fine.  How are you really doing?” It’s always that second one that get me.  Thanks for listening.  Moving on now.

The discussion on Point Of View, proved to be very lively with lot’s dissenting opinions.  Susan explained, “There is something squishy about POV that makes it hard to come up with a set of rules.  With so many variations of effective (and ineffective) use of POV it’s easy to become confused.”

Huh?  Right.  I know, it’s as clear as swamp water now.  Rather than regurgitate everything Susan had to say I’ve included a link where you can read it first hand. Gotham Writers’ Workshop <GothamWriters@write.org>

Last week Wicked mentioned something to me about Zombie Romance, well after consulting with a few sources I’ve learned that there is such a thing.  There’s even Zombie Erotica, if can imagine that, your sicker than I thought.  Next week we’ll explore the lighter side of Zombie love.  Until then I’ll leave you with a poem by none other than Dave Benneman.

The Paper Cup

I am a paper cup in a windstorm.

Blown around in all directions.

The emptiness inside me can’t anchor me.

I look for an eddy current to take refuge in,

it will provide a respite from the chaos

But the wind is relentless.

It pulls and tugs until my grip breaks free

and it’s off to races again.


I have no purpose but to litter the highways of life

No reason to be , except

To be the paper cup


Write On,


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