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In a Wor(l)d….

In a world where writers write and words flow with the power and certainty of Niagara Falls, nothing seems impossible. No dream too big, no mountain too high. It’s a writer’s perfect dream–the muse is fully engaged and our fingers glide effortlessly over the keyboard, caressing yet another story from the invisible ether of the universe. In this beautiful space…there is only the writer and the written word. For those of us with the dream of publication percolating (im)patiently in the back of our minds, every word is a step closer to the apex of our personal nirvana–successful published author. Every single word is another brick laid upon our yellow brick road.

In a world where words seem glued to the edge of forever, unwilling to let go and enter the creative jet stream–almost everything seems impossible. Even mucking through another day, only to find very little has been accomplished other than surviving, leaves a bad taste in your mouth. This is a writer’s nightmare. A dark place no writer should ever visit, let alone camp out in. It’s a place where we can see the words, sense them even. Almost teasing from the periphery of our consciousness, alternating with evil glares and flipping us off, but refusing to give an inch. Maybe it’s a test to see if we really want to meet the great and mighty Oz after all. Or maybe it’s a personal refinement, where mind and body are purified by facing lack of courage, loss of heart, or from feeling our brains have turned to mush.

In a word, I know it’s all about perseverance. Which is the only thing we can do besides give up. Having the support of good friends and amazing writing partners is beyond invaluable. They remind you that every state of mind is temporary, every experience in life will eventually be channeled into writing. Hopefully, some damn good writing, too. Without this support, I personally would’ve succumbed to universe flipping me off long ago.

So…I owe a huge thanks to the Evil 7–for always being there. And for the friends I could never, ever live without. I know I will return to my regularly schedule writing self soon. After I’m done playing in the darkness.


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