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Half Past Manic

Welcome back to the Swamp.We’re still cleaning up, but it looks better than it did a week ago.My muse left in a huff last week and I haven’t seen or heard from him since.Thanks to the swamp Thing we managed to get his truck out of the quick mud but I don’t think it will ever look the same.Mischievous Raven stopped by last week just see if I made it home safely.I forgave him for leaving us in the Impenetrable Forest.

If you remember a couple weeks ago we talked a little about Manic Depression.The funny thing about going manic for a few days is you really feel pretty good until it all goes terribly wrong.The other side of being in a manic state is the rebound effect of coming down and slipping into a funk.Again my medication and doctors keep me from digging too deep of a hole, but the truth is I’ve been hard to motivate for two weeks.I’ve had days when if I could have just hid under the covers that is exactly what I would have done.I’ve written nothing, done very little work and didn’t even get a shower for a couple of days.I’ve talked with other people who suffer from this disorder and we agree that the depression seems to be more pronounced as we age.The good news is like everything in life this too will pass.So I’m riding the rip tide into the deep water with the knowledge that God will reverse the flow and push back to shore.Like so much old seaweed I’ll wash up on the beach, in the sun and get back to living life.For now I’m grateful for this blog and my commitment to it because for two weeks this is the only thing I’ve written.

My setbacks are relatively short-lived and not nearly as low as they once were.Today I can feel the fog lifting today as I compose this piece.Thanks to my wife and all my friends for supporting me through these dark days.

When I return next week we’ll do something fun.Until then I’ll leave you with this quote from Stephen King: “I think we’re all mentally ill.Those of us outside the asylums only hide it better—and maybe not all that much better after all.”

Write On,


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