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Greetings and salutations, welcome back to the swamp loyal readers.  I have some disappointing news to pass on, it seems that my invitation to speak at this years Zombie Con, was a hoax.  A cruel April Fool’s day joke played on me by my former friend Mischievous Raven.  I know, right.  I mean I enjoy a joke as well as the next guy, but to allow me to go public with the announcement was unwarranted.  In any case, Mischievous is persona non grata in these parts.  If you see him warn him that I’ve exchanged my zombie killing buckshot for birdshot down at A to Z Ammo.  My mouth is watering at the thought of roasted raven with tadpole dressing and bogberry sauce.  Now let’s get on with the topic at hand.

The job of a writer.  I know some of you won’t agree with me, but this is my blog so cowboy up.  If you write for any of the following reasons you’ve chosen poorly.  You want to say something, wrong.   Your expressing yourself, journal.  You want to be famous, shoot a celebrity.  You need money, the worst reason of all, get a day job.  If you write because you can’t not write.  You’re on the right track.  The job of a writer is to transport the reader away.  To give the reader experiences they won’t have in everyday life.

In order to provide this experience your words must carry the day.  You cannot count on the inflection of the reader to provide emotions.  There is no scary sound track in the background to foreshadow the evil hiding in the attic to add tension.  The writer must build that tension with the written word alone.  A strong scene is like a house of cards, one misused word and the whole thing can come down around you.  This is an over whelming responsibility, and not one easily done in a vacuum. For help I turn to the other six, vertically challenged evil ones in my critique group .  So often when looking at a piece I will protest.  “But I meant such and such.”

“Hah,” they’ll shout in unison.  “Then you should have written such and such, instead of this and that.”

To be a writer you must have a thick skin.  My day job is an electrician and I always thought we (construction workers) had thick skin hides.  But when you lift your heart out of your chest and set in the middle of the table and watch as six friends beat it with sticks you learn very quickly that your not as tough as you thought you were.  However, I  heal very quickly from these wounds and  when I review the suggestions I sharpen my skills as a writer.  The reader then gets the benefit of a finely honed story.  In short the job of a writer is not for the faint of heart.  But if you have to write.  Just have to, then sharpen that word processor until your bleeding into the keyboard.

This weeks quote comes from Robert Frost; “No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader.”

Write On,


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  1. Sunny G

     /  April 9, 2011

    I’m pretty sure I’ve never (and I mean never) beaten your words with a stick. A red-inked twig maybe, but never a stick. 😉

  2. Yeah but, a twig just doesn’t very threatening. I declaring poetic license on this one.



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