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Creative Craft

Another Saturday afternoon here at the old homestead and the temperature rests right at 91 degrees. Later on, I’ll be making wood smoked pizza with my granddaughter. As a pizza maker, I’m a newbie, but learning fast.

What does that have to do with writing?


Pizza making is a creative process like writing, painting, and many others. There are two sides to these activities–the craft side and the creative side.

It doesn’t matter how well a painter can draw a line if he or she can’t mix color, prepare canvas, or select and care for the proper brushes. It requires both sides for the results to be superior. Without the craft…

Writing requires the same diligence as any other artistic endeavor. Even the best story ideas will not sell if not accompanied by a solid foundation of language, grammar, usage and style—the craft. The resources available these days on the web for working on the craft side, be it pizza or writing, are endless.

So how do you develop the craft?

Just like making pizza—the more you learn and practice, the better you become. And believe me, when Ernie and his swamp friends show up for pizza, it better be superior—or else.

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  1. You’re darn right. Cause Snarky wil be bringing her whip, and we all know Eerie always has those damn hungy zombie on his heels…
    🙂 Then again, we all know how great a cook you are. After a meal, Snarky can’t lift her whip, and even the zombies are satisfied.

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