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Altered State of Mind

               I was talking with my mom the other day about attitudes. It was a general conversation how moods change depending on the time of day or what someone’s doing. Somewhere along the line, we got to talking about me. “Oh I know how you are after writing,” she said. Deep down, I knew it too, and she didn’t need to say anything else on the matter.

                Which of course gave me time to reflect.

                I don’t know about other people, but writing creatively puts me in a completely separate state of mind. I get really short with people, impatient, as if whatever they need to say better be important and to the point. I get quiet, and I don’t like to talk to people. I find it hard to form long sentences, so I keep all of my replies very short as well. It’s easy for me to snap at someone I don’t need to respect.

                This is interesting, seeing how people usually consider me a very polite young man.

                I know I’m a direct person in general, and I admit that I do like to get to the point of things quickly, but it’s as if the after-effects of writing amplify my negative traits ten-fold!

                I believe that when writing creatively, when you immerse yourself into quite possibly another dimension, (writers know what I mean, that deep, gaping and bottomless cavern where ideas seem to crawl out of) you mind truly reaches an altered state, and the after-effects are different for everyone.

                So, pay attention to your attitude after you step away from that gaping cavern, because if you’re a different person temporarily when you come out, you know you’ve written something really cool.

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  1. I suspect we’ll get to see that side of you at our retreat.


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