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It’s always the little things…

You’ve heard it a million times, because I know I have.  It’s the little things that will:

    a.  get you

    b.  mean the most

    c.  matter the most

  For me, it’s all of the above.  Thanks to a very difficult week, this post is not what I had originally planned.

  It’s been a weirdly difficult and promising week for me.  It started out with some heartbreaking news from home and ended with butterflies in my stomach.  So I got to thinking about everything that had happened, and that often used phrase “It’s the little things” really hit home.

When you get that small little voice in your head (not the one that argues with you, the other one) that does the polite nudge of  “You should really pick up the phone and call” or “You’ve got a minute, why don’t you swing by and check on”, try not to ignore it.  There’s a reason it’s small and quiet.  It’s trying to make sure you’re paying attention to something more than the busy whirlwind of everyday life you may be swirling in.

Hard though it may be to hear, take the time to listen.  You may be surprised at the results.  You may be the one that helps someone from taking that last long step off the cliff, or you may find your actions reverberate longer than even you could imagine.  Every little word, every little action,  especially when done out of love and compassion, will echo back to you in ways you’d never think of, but end up being truly grateful for.

So on this beautiful Easter morning, I want to make sure that not only my family, friends, and the other evil six, know how much I treasure their presence in my life.  For all of you, thanks guys! More than you know, lots of love!


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