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Gossip from the Dwarf Cave…

As usual, Saturday and I’m stuck in the Dwarf Cave kitchen. Not a bad place to be–nice and warm with a constant stream of Dwarf gossip provided by the scullery wenches. A couple of the latest tidbits…

Can you believe that? Eerie totally avoided reporting in on Friday the 13th! Who would have guessed? I’m thinking the Swamp Thing is gaining way too much influence over Eerie’s superstitions.

On another front, Wicked seems to be gearing up for an assault on the New York Times bestseller list. She even put up a new authors face book page claiming to be 6’1″ tall. Can you believe that? What sort of dwarf is 6’1″? Everyone knows that’s Raine’s height.

And there you have it dwarf friends. It’s back to cutting up various dead animal parts for a party Eerie’s throwing for his associates from that boggy place.

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