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Joining the social network…

Okay so I’m trying to set up a Facebook page for Jami Gray because, my whip-mistress, Snarky, has made an “impression” and “pressed” upon me the importance of broadening my social networking. Here’s the deal, I am constantly amazed I can manage a weekly blog, but add in an actual page and I start to panic.  I can be sarcastic (stop snorting Eerie or I’ll sick Raven on you!) but witty and engaging may escape me. Yet no matter how much I protest (read scream and throw a tantrum) if you want people out there to read what you’re putting to paper, you’d best step up and become a social creature.

Now how big of an oxymoron is that? Most writers I know, would rather huddle down in whatever little cubby hole they’ve crawled into so no one can find them, and let the world disappear.  That way, they can lose themselves in their world, because, let’s face it, it’s a lot more interesting. It’s why we write what we do.  So back to point…one of the hardest things about being a writer is the fact that I have to overcome a lifelong practice of sitting back and watching those around me as their actions/words/situations spark my creativity, and I have to be…gasp…SOCIAL.

So yes, I now have a Facebook page.  I’m not sure I have it set right, but I’m sure I’ll be getting lots of pointers at the next gathering over at Dusty Tomes Library just pass Eerie’s swamp.  So bear with me as I make my way into the treacherous world of social networking.


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