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SUPERSTITION: the nature of the unnatural world

Greetings, once again and welcome back,

Mischievous and I are back at the abandoned catholic church to commune with the locals and do a little research.  Mischievous is out running an errand, he should be back very soon.  My muse will be stopping by later, but of course he is a man of few words, so I’m not sure he’ll have much to add to our  gathering.  Smokey Dwarf was kind enough to provide some snacks for us so dig in.  The honey roasted tadpoles are excellent and his specialty is the deep-fried eel eyes.  Mischievous wrangled some wines from the monks cellar which they are known far and wide for.  Partake slowly however because they are pretty stout.  I’d steer clear of the sautéed toad entrails, they are a little salty.

Some of you may have noticed that my post went out on Thursday night instead of Friday morning last week.  Smokey mentioned that the Swamp Thing has something to do with my superstitious nature, but I must tell you that as a dwarf who has lived many years, superstitions are real.  You can’t mess with the unnatural  laws of the cosmos.  Friday the Thirteenth is in fact a very serious force to be reckoned with.  There are many precautions to be taken, like never use any form of technology.  Internet and cell phones are guaranteed paths to the destruction of your soul.  Even two cans and a string can lead the forces of evil to your doorstep.  I personally spent the day in a very lonely cave, I didn’t even use fire.  Too risky.  The number 13 alone is a serious threat, millions of hotel owners can’t be wrong.  Break a mirror and you’ll have seven years of darkness filling your life.  Never allow a black cat to cross your path, that’s how I got exiled to swamp in the first place.  Sure I donned the shield of a noble, but earlier in the day I saw that cat.  I should have gone to the crone immediately to get a remedy, but no, I had to save his Lordship’s reputation first.  Do you have any idea how many mothers suffer from back aches because their children ignored the step on a crack rule.  I mean really the statistics are staggering.  Walk under a ladder?  You’d have to be suicidal.  Spill salt, evil eye.  I could go on, (some might say I have, but those who know me best know I’ve gone off.)  My slogan is superstitious and alive is better than not and well…not

Here’s the good news.  Throw some salt over your shoulder to cancel spilled salt. Carry a rabbit’s foot in your pocket to ward off the evil eye.  Turn yourself around in a circle seven times to cancel out bad luck. This four leaf clover in my lapel isn’t a fashion statement you know.  If you wear your clothes inside out it insulates you from bad luck.  For some things you must buy spells from the old crone who lives deep in the forest.  She’s a little pricey, but she’s good.  I bought this warthog tusk charm from her.  It has saved my bacon on many occasions.  I think I hear the engine of a truck coming.  That would be my muse.  Time to get to work, so I’ll give your best to Mischievous.  He’ll be sorry he missed you.  Todays quote is from G.K. Chesterton.

“Literature is a luxury; fiction is a necessity”

Write On,


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