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Happiness and Productivity

            For those who pay attention to the dates, I skipped last week’s post, and for good reason. My grandmothers do not have internet, which means I don’t have internet, which means no work can be posted. So you guys get a double dose today!

            Well not really, and since this is technically a writer’s blog, I’ll keep today’s topic on writing.


            Find what makes you happy.

            You might think that’s not about writing. You might also think that it’s an overly used and generalized statement in which people may give you to make them feel like they said something important, thus making them important. Point being it sounds selfish and unhelpful, and yet here I said it.

            Well because you’re reading this and willing to hear the soul-searching explanation behind it.

            Happiness improves productiveness.

            It’s actually that simple.

            Unless you need to be sad when you write, when you’re happy, or rather, your body, mind, and soul are content with one another and the world around them, you write better. It can sometimes be as easy as eating a good breakfast to sitting down for a good prayer (if you’re like that), but in the end, as long as you have balance in your life, as long as you’re happy, writing, or any creative/productive activity comes easy.

            And it’s as simple as that.

(PS warning: Pro-tips are copy written from GamePro magazine, which consequently went out of business)

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