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The End is Nigh…

Not sure if you’ve all seen the predictions lately, but it seems as if the end of the world is soon approaching (or in one case should already be here, yet here I am…blogging away!).  While my clan feverishly works on collecting all the necessary travel items for our journey over to the land of fire, I take a moment to reflect.  Here in the swamp, life is pretty simple and straightforward.  If you can kill it, you win and life goes on.  However, out beyond the Swamp Thing’s boundaries there seems to be an overwhelming need to speculate on when life is going to come back and kick some ass on the poor unsuspecting hordes covering the lands.  The rumors abound, the dates change every time you start to poke around, and the outlooks are grim.  Lots of death, destruction and chaos. Wonderful things if you happened to revel in that type of atmosphere, not so much if you like your life and those in it.  I’ve mentioned my two wood sprites (more like will o’ wisps actually) previously, and I reintroduce them now because they have a unique outlook on life and the happenings around them. I’ll refer to them as the Prankster Duo.

After another round of  Zombie Fumigation, right before it got really nuts with a pack of wild wolves running through the swamp chasing Raven,  the Prankster Duo decided to do some exploring.  Never really traveling pass the swamp, except for the occasional trip to Grandmother’s House (yes, that legendary place!) they were  all excited about the impending adventure to the land of fire.  They snuck out and managed to get past Eerie and his zombies, the gathering of the muses over at Fillet Your Own Deli, and even past the Swamp Thing herself.  Surprisingly, Snarky and her whip totally missed them.  (Sorry, taking a moment here to wipe a proud tear from my eye, such sneakiness, does a heart good!)

After making it out to the other lands, they spent some time listening and watching, because as any good trickster knows, the secret to finding just the right things to torment others with, is to observe your prey in their natural habitat.  Once I had managed to clean off the Zombie parts from my porch, snag my fur rug back from the unruly wolf pack, I realized the Duo was MIA.  Muttering dire predictions of my own, I began to gear up for a search as I knew if left too long on their own, the end of the world would sound like a polite tea party compared to what those two could bring.  Just as I was heading down the porch, here come the Duo, looking a little worse for wear and instead of the normal wicked smiles indicating a mission well accomplished, they seemed…puzzled.

As they were displaying their treasures, they began to ask questions about what they had seen and heard. It seems the hordes had signs everywhere about how the world was going to end, and some really vindictive person was going to take them all out in a flash burn of fury.  Plus, no one seemed very happy, they all kept to themselves and no one was taking the time to enjoy the happenings around them. The Duo thrive on laughter, they can find humor in almost any situation so this quiet desperation confounds them.

As we discussed the fatalistic predictions, I had to remind them how this happens all the time.  There was that year when we went from 9 to 0 and everyone thought we’d implode upon as soon as the clock struck twelve.  Yet here were are years later, still ticking along.  There’s the other rumor of how when the ones and the twos line up, we’re done for, the planet will crack open like an egg and we’ll all just be part of some cosmic omelet.

So as the puzzlement starts to fade from their faces and they shake their heads sadly, I catch Duo 1’s comment to Duo 2…”Sheesh, isn’t changing your underwear enough to worry about?”   I choke back the giggle fighting to emerge as Duo 2 responds, “Yeah, but just think, if the world really is going to end, who’s going to care?”


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