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Fun at the zoo

Have you ever been to the zoo? Most people have, either as a child or as a parent taking their children. But if you are one of those few that haven’t gone, and, say, in the rare happenstance that
you’re a writer too, it might be time to go.

I went to the zoo last Friday with a friend, and do you know what I learned?

I learned that there are owls that burrow.

I learned that orangutans are actively curious, and work to peel off the seals that connect windows to the ceiling, and that putting Tabasco sauce is no deterrent.

I learned that giraffes aren’t as weak as they appear, and have hind legs with such kicking power that they can blast their way through a concrete wall.

I learned that stingrays suck up their food like a vacuum cleaner, are generally friendly, and sleek yet slimy to the touch.

I learned that it wasn’t just a myth that flamingos get their pink pigmentation from eating shrimp.

I learned that peacocks are highly intelligent, and also very mean.

I learned that javelina are a type of rodent, not pig, and have exceedingly short sight range.

And lastly, I learned that the zoo made me smile more than I had in a long, long time, and it made me feel like a kid.

So, need any random animal trivia for your stories? Or maybe you’re writing a kid’s book and just need help getting into the head of a child? In either case, the zoo just might be the solution
for you.





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