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Greetings and salutations,

Before we begin, I’d like to take a moment to remember Clarence Clemens, AKA The Big Man of the East Street Band.  My heart felt  condolences go out to his best friend Bruce.  Those are some mighty big shoes to fill.  He was arguably the best sax in Rock and Roll.  Personally it’s been all East Street Band all the time since the news of his passing.  ‘Jungleland’ will never be the same.    The Minister of Soul.  The Secretary of the Brotherhood.  I give you Clarence Clemens.  Farewell Clarence.  God’s speed.  And remember, “Tramps like us, baby, we were born to run.”

We’re still stuck on the peak of Troll Mountain.  It has been fun throwing rocks at the trolls as they  mill about below trying to figure a way to get to me.  Hey, Mischievous, how long did my muse say it was going to take him to get here.

“You know how he is when he’s hanging with that woman.  I mean you talk about a dark side, she makes the Marquis de Sade look like Mr. Rogers.”

I know but geez, I’ve been up here a long time now.  Do you think you should go check on him?

“Not me, he gets really grumpy when you interrupt his drinking.” 

What do you mean he gets grumpy.  He’s grumpy on a good day.  Well, thanks for bringing me the eats, anyway.  It’s no wonder the trolls are so hungry, there’s not much around here to satisfy a discerning palate.

“I know how much you like chilled tadpoles with extra garlic.”

The newt’s eyes are a nice treat too.  Did you bring any salted toads.

“Of course.  What kind of picnic would this be without salted toads and lily pad dip.”

You’re too good to me buddy.  Now if my muse would show up, life could get back to normal.Is there any news from home?”

“The zombies are getting restless.  I heard that they ventured into some other blogs.”  

They’re getting brazen if they wandered into Wicked’s blog.  You know that Raine, she takes no prisoners undead or alive.

Also the Bram Stoker awards were held this week.”

Crap.  I missed it again!

Yeah, Peter Straub won for his novel ‘A Dark Matter’.  And I hate to be the one to tell you, but Stephen King Won for. ‘Full Dark, No Stars’.”

Was the Master there?  What’d he say?

“He couldn’t make it, but Joe Hill accepted for him.”

Joe didn’t win?  He was nominated for Horns.

Duh, I just said Peter Straub won the novel award.  But Joe said, “My dad couldn’t be here tonight, but he said to say… you’re all a pack of sick fucks.”

My master really knows how to woo a crowd doesn’t he?  With that thought, I’ll leave you with this gem from none other than My Master, Stephen King from ‘Full Dark, No Stars’.

“Life is fair.  We all get the same nine-month shake in the box, and then the dice roll.  Some people get a run of sevens.  Some people, unfortunately, get snake-eyes.  It’s just how the world is.”

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