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A Day with Fate

The Problems with Fate

Fate does funny things sometimes. I’m pretty sure God
tells Fate (as I separate them as two different beings on occasion), not to make
things too hard for his children. But that gets boring, so Fate has a little
fun on the side sometimes.

Take for instance today.

I was on my way to my job interview at Wells Fargo, driving through the 110 extreme Arizona heat. I had the air-conditioning on full blast and was wearing black pants, long black socks, black dress shoes, long-sleeve shirt, tie, and belt. Basically the whole shebang. Why do peoplemake you wear clothes like that out in Arizona weather? God only knows. But on my way to that interview, maybe six streets away, white smoke started hissing out from beneath my hood. I pulled into a side street and opened my hood up to find everything very hot and very wet. My radiator, (or some component attached) had blown.

So there I was, standing on the side-walk in full formal wear in 110 degree heat, and to top it all off, I’d pulled into one of those little ghetto roads with a bunch of abandoned buildings on one side and construction on the other. There was no gas station or little side market in sight.

Fate’s funny, I think. He whispered to me this morning, before I left, to write down that special phone number Wells Fargo gave me to call them in case I couldn’t make it to the interview. Of course being the positive person I am, I expected nothing to go wrong, so after I called my Dad I spent the next 30 minutes talking very slowly to my friend on how to open my email account from his computer, (since the phone number I needed was in an email). I then, (hi again Fate!) found out he couldn’t access my inbox, and only got the number by my Mom going onto my computer and finding it herself.

So! Fate’s hilarious, isn’t he? Giving a poor, lowly human a long string of hot and sweaty bad luck. It took  me three hours to get back home, and that was only by my Dad pouring water in the radiator and driving very slowly from west phoenix back to mesa (25 minutes on the freeway…. 40 by side-street).

Fate’s fun, but hey, he could have just not wanted me to get that job. He gave me something to talk about, an event that I’d remember, and if we remember previous discussions on my blog, everything that happens in life can be turned into a story.

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  1. Tough luck. It’s true you can turn anything into a story – and the bad things make the best stories. What I want to do is to get my imagination to the place where I don’t have to actually experience the disasters to write about them.

    I have spent a good part of my life driving awful cars in the Texas summer with the heater on (you can get a little bit of extra cooling that way) – watching the temperature gauge with terror, hoping to get where I needed to be.


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