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Greer Trip

            Since everyone in my writer’s group this week has either already or will talk about our trip up to Greer, (see the link to my group blog), I’ll save you the reader a lengthy explanation and sum it up into a few words.

            It was fantastic.

            We stayed in a hug cabin, three bedrooms, and had a fridge full of food. We had a hot tub, a scenic view of tall grass and wildflowers that could be seen through an open door that faced the kitchen table, and above all, we had silence. For the parents, they didn’t have kids or spouses. For me, I didn’t have video games, which is usually my biggest distraction except when school starts up (I’m on summer break).

            Without the distractions, and solely focusing on writing, I got a solid 18 pages done, a butt load of edits, and a complete table of each of my character’s motivations in about two and ¼ days. I know there’s people who could do more, but this isn’t a contest people, this is me writing my ass off because it was fun to.

            So, in so many words that seem a lot by now, Greer was fun, and it was worth the four hour drive. (Confused? Look at a map. I’m in Mesa AZ, that’s about the middle of the state or so. Greer is fifteen minutes from Springerville, which is almost literally a stone’s throw away from New Mexico.)

            As a last note, I’d like to shout out a thanks to my writer’s group, because it was they who paid the way for this poor college boy. Thank you everone!

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