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School’s around the corner…

Yes, it’s almost that time again.  Soon, oh so soon, the Prankster Duo will gear up and head out to take on their annual battle…SCHOOL!  And I will rejoice! 

No more fending off the most dreaded words of the summer…”I’m bored.”  I’ve tried to fight this one over and over the last few years.  We’ve sent the Duo trekking through the wilderness surrounding the Swamp, stopping at campsites along the way to participate in the hunting of the Lego Monsters, had them swim through the Endless rivers, even sent them to chase round and some what round objects held by other dwarves as they race across fields in the sweltering sun.  Once, we even had them work with some very creative puppeteers and try their hand at creating their own shows, but alas, it never failed that the dreaded wail of  “I’m bored!” would echo through the confines of our homey cabin and resonate through the Swamp. 

What’s a parent to do? You can’t just set them loose with a weed whacker on the greenery of the Swamp, the neighbors tend to get a bit huffy when their garden is suddenly reduced to shrubbery.  Our part of the Swamp has some truly sunny days and sending out smaller beings to “play” results in this horrible red coloring accompanied by headaches and much moaning and groaning about being “too hot”.  You could throw up your hands (many parents do because any other action results in jail time or being bald!) and let them become lobotomized by the Electronic Coven of Witches.  You know this group, they’ve managed to worm their way into every household in one form or fashion.  Sometimes they can actually be helpful, but in the summer their wickedness peaks.   They can mesmerize any one, regardless of age, and suck them into a vaguely realistic world where common terminology like “creepers” and “aether mod” and “zanite”  and “mcedit” become actual words. Then suddenly the whole summer has passed and you realize the mantra of “I’m bored!” has only been heard a few times.  On the downside, you find you suddenly need to invest in prescription glasses as their pupils have suddenly lost the ability to detract.  And the lovely gold color that the previous red fades too? It’s changed to a pasty, pale color which tends to glow with a faint phosphorescent when the lights are out.

This summer we dragged the Prankster Duo of to the Land of Fire, just to make sure we set the right tone for the summer.  When we returned, we let them play with Eerie’s Zombies while he was away, but I have to wonder if that was why Hippie moved away.  It may have something to do with the mess they made of his garden once they discovered how well the weed whacker worked on Zombies and weeds alike.  I’ll admit to some pride in their ability to creatively multi-task.  We even let them invite their friends over to join in the fun as they tried to show off their newly found snorkeling skills in the pond out back.  The leeches made it a sticky situation a couple of times though.  We even sent them out with the hell-hound a few times on pointless quests!  If we hadn’t, the Electronic Coven of Witches would have had them in their snarley grasp and there may not have been much gray matter left for their prospective teachers to work with this year.  Not a good thing, considering the horrors that await if they don’t succeed in school.  They’re going to need every scrap of gray, wrinkled matter to get through another year.

Yet next week will mark the end to my annual battle against boredom and I find myself excited at the prospect of actually being able to get ANYTHING done.  No more interruptions, no more fires to put out, no more leftover Zombie parts to pick out of the hell hound’s fur, and maybe the yard will stand a chance at growing more than a millimeter high. Best of all, their antics will be limited to the short time span of the weekend.  Which means I might be able to do something besides damage control.

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