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Summertime Blues

Greetings and Salutations,

Welcome back to the swamp.  If absence truly makes the heart grow fonder.  Then you should all love me, but if out of sight, out of mind is true.  I may be writing this to myself.  What I’m trying to say in so many words is that I’ve played hooky for the last two weeks.  Frankly, the Blues had set in for a time.  It is a problem we’ve talked about once or twice before.

Being Manic Depressive is not a death knell, most of the time I’m great.  There are those periods when my illness demands a little more attention than I like to give it.  On those occasions something has to give.  This is not a get out of jail free card, I have obligations that must be attended to.  My integrity is dependent upon me keeping my commitments.  But it takes a lot more energy just to get up and stay up when depression sets in.  Sometimes getting up is the best I can manage.

So when the immovable object meets the irressistable force sparks fly.  Something always has to give and I have to make decisions on which things will wait.  My blog post was one of the casualties this time.  I know my six Evil partners understand, but I still struggle letting it go.  This is partly selfish, because when I’m on the skids I don’t write and some weeks the blog may be the only creative thing I do.  The good news is everything in life is temporary, including depression.

And so I’m back.  Ready to start using too many adverbs and adjectives.  Writing stilted diologue  that sounds like it was dictated from a 1950’s sub B horror flick and of course putting commas in all the wrong places.  (Wasn’t that a song lyric “putting in commas in all the wrong places.” No that was “Looking for love in all the wrong places.” )  Sorry I digress.

My point is I’m going to get some writing done.  I can right it later.  (Oh.  That was good.  I hope you’re as easily amused as I am.)  I’ve often repeated this gem that was passed on to me at a writers conference I attended several years ago.  “You can’t fix a blank page.”

So if you’ve tuned in for writing advice that’s what I got.  Write it now.  Fix it later.

Next week Mischievous will be joining us for a discussion around how much description the writer is obligated to provide versus how much should be left to the reader’s imagination, and does it vary depending on the Genre you’re writing in.  If you have any opinions on this post comment on this blog and I will include them in the discussion.  Our tradition dictates that I leave you with a quote.  This week we are going to quote an entire poem by Charles Bukowski.

what canI do?

it’s true

pain and suffering

helps to create

what we call


given the choice

I’d never choose

this damned pain

and suffering

for myself

butsomehow it finds


as the royalties

continue t

o roll


Wrte On,


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