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Aria, the Advent of Agony

            Sorry blog followers, (wherever you are) life sidetracked me yet again! School, job hunting, watching the entire Farscape series on Netflix…you know, important stuff. Anyway, I’m here today to talk about the recent battle I’ve had with POV and a fun fact that didn’t make me feel so nerdy anymore.

            Did you know Vin Diesel plays D&D? I had no idea! He’s like the macho of the macho men in Hollywood. In the movie “Fast Five” he duked it out with the Rock and won. I’m talking fist to fist action where Vin throws down his wrench and the Rock rips off his bulletproof vest and they throw each other through walls. Well, he plays D&D, and, oddly enough, I heard Steven Spielberg did too. Sure macho men can play it, which makes me feel that less geeky, but Spielberg?

            If you’re read my previous blogs, you’d know that I’m new at D&D, but now that I finally finished my first campaign, I’m starting to realize why anyone, big names and normal people, are drawn to the game.

            When you play Dungeons and Dragons, you exercise the creative part of your brain. You also exercise a number of other good things related to being a good writer, things such as, but I have already gone over in previous blogs, characterization, world-building, motivation for characters, and a bundle of other things.

            For example: In my second campaign, I have to role play a woman. If that wasn’t hard enough, I have to role play an evil woman whose goddess demands that she bring as much pain and suffering to the world as possible. How’s that for difficult? I’m a man, and generally sit on the “good little boy’s” side of life. I don’t do drugs, I love kittens, and I pick up bugs that invade my house with napkins and throw them outside rather than crush them. Now I have to play a female who wouldn’t think twice about crushing a baby’s skull under her heel.

            But this is actually a good thing, playing a polar opposite. I notice in a lot of my writing that my main characters are as follows: male, good-natured, and a little too perfect.

            It’s time to branch out I think, and I’m pretty sure Aria, the Advent of Agony (my crazy new character) will teach me a thing or two.

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