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Greetings and salutations,

We are taking a break from editing this week to go on a little excursion.  I hope you’re wearing comfy shoes because we’re taking a hike into the Impenetrable Forest (did you hear that).  I know what your thinking.  Our last adventure into the Impenetrable Forrest (there it is again) did not end well.  I know that some of our friends were lost to a flock of Piranha Humming Birds last time.  Settle down people!  In response to the federal government’s insistence on over governing, we’re required to issue personal protection equipment.  Form an orderly line in front of Mischievous to receive your gear.  Tell them what you have today.

“First is this lovely Kevlar jump suit, primarily to protect you against the sharp teeth and powerful jaws of Black Tigers.  One size fits most.  Eerie a little help here.”

Listen up folks, these are not fashion statements; just put them on.  Mischievous do you have a medium extra short?

“Sorry Eerie, they were all out of Dwarf sizes.  You’ll have to roll up the legs.”

Great.  What else do you  have?

“Camo vests.  Designed by the Zombie Corps of Engineers to confuse Piranha Humming Bird swarms.”

Seriously, we have a Zombie Corps of Engineers?

“Eerie you really have to start watching the news.  You are not very informed.  Next folks we have  Giant Vampire Tarantula repellent spray.  Apply this liberally around your head and shoulders using extra care to coat your neck well.  That’s where Giant Vampire Tarantulas are most likely to bite.”

Excuse me Mischievous, I didn’t get a vest.

“Just stay in the middle of the pack, you’ll be fine.  Last we have these little bells to tie onto your shoes.  These are to scare off the Killer Koalas.  There is no defense against the Killer Koalas, but studies have shown they don’t like company.  The theory is that they’ll go the other way when they hear us coming.  Once a Koala is in attack mode there is only one thing that can save you.  Trip the person nearest you and run like hell.”

I thought you were supposed to hold perfectly still and close your  eyes.

“Again you are not up on the latest info.  It turns out that was a propaganda campaign initiated by the K.K.U.”

The KKU?

“Sigh, the Killer Koala Union.  They were trying to get people to stop running away because they hate to run.  That’s why–“

You trip the person nearest you.  I get it now.  I feel a little stupid in this giant jump suit with bells on my shoes.  If you had a funny hat in your bag I’d  look like the court jester.

Mischievous reaches into his bag.  “Ta daaah.”

I’m not wearing that stupid hat.  “

“Come on Eerie.   Put it on.”  Mischievous pulls me aside.  “It will help everyone else forget that they are about to die a horrible death.”

But they have all this great gear.

“Think about it Eerie.  It’s federal issue.  What have the feds done lately that has worked?”

Pretty much everything they’ve done has made matters worse.

“So why do you think these over priced gimmicks  are any different from the health care plan, or the corporate bail outs.”

Good point.  I’m taking this stuff off so I can move faster.  I’m going to make the final announcements.  Stay close to me Mischievous.

Okay everyone; pay attention.  Mischievous and I will lead the way.  Stay close together.   The Zombie horde will be picking up your rear, I mean bringing up  the rear.  There will be one break partway through for necessities.  Other than that, we will keep moving.  Take in the scenery because as you know most people who venture into the impenetrable Forrest (what is that noise?) never live to tell about it.  As always there is no flash photography allowed and no recording devices of any type.  Set your cell phones to silent and follow me.

In the spirit of adventure I leave you with this thought from Mark Twain.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you don’t do than by the things you do.

So throw off the bow lines.  Sail away from the safe harbor.  Catch the trade winds in your sails.

Explore  Dream  Discover”

And Write On,


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