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I Loved the Book, but the Movie….

How often have we heard this or said it ourselves? The answer is probably almost every time the subject has arisen. The stock reply as to why people prefer the book is usually the lack of the characters inner thoughts, or not being inside their heads.

Fair enough.

I think the reasons go beyond that, however. In recent posts, Wicked has announced her book cover for her soon to be released ‘The Kyn Kronicles-book 1, Shadow’s Edge’, and Eerie has discussed description.

Writers spend a great deal of time scattering description (both character and setting) throughout their stories in the least intrusive manner possible. It’s almost an art in deciding when to spend longer passages describing something or someone without losing the reader. You have to know/intuit when the reader needs more robust description. If you get it wrong, it becomes another dreaded ‘purple passage’.

Wicked’s book cover is great. The problem for the rest of the dwarves is we’ve been reading about her protagonist, Raine, for a few years—book two is almost finished—and we have individually drawn a picture in our minds of Raine. Probably no two of us have drawn the same picture, but all are slightly different than the book cover. It will not be a problem for a reader who purchases the book because they will know what she looks like before they read the story.

No conflict.

Getting back to the book vs. movie, I believe its many small things that prevent us from fully enjoying a movie when we’ve enjoyed the book first. In our minds, we’ve set certain things about the settings/characters based upon the author’s descriptions. When the character looks different than we’d imagined or the castle has fewer towers than were noted in the book, it jars us out of story.

The solution for this? The only way I can see is shoot the movie first, then write the book. The author would have all the pictures to describe in the story.

The good news? Most prefer the book!

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