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Acceptable Losses In the Impenetrable Forrest & Editing

Greetings and Salutations,

I hope you’ve recovered by now,  if your just joining us you missed a lovely stroll through the Impenetrable Forrest (what is that noise) that ended in a bloody melee when the Killer Koalas showed up.  Fortunately for us Killer Koalas don’t like to run and Zombies just don’t see a need to run, ever.  So most of our losses were the undead who did a little damage of their own.  It wasn’t pretty.  I’ll bet Raine would have liked it though.  We’ve had a week of the Werewolf Monks unparalleled hospitality and liberal amounts of wine which has a healing quality of its own. 

I’d like to thank Mischievous for the eloquent  job he did with the eulogy for the dead undead.  Wicked has requested we bring back some Blood Red wine for her.  The Monks have recommended the September, 2011 for you Wicked, they said that vintage is still warm.  Mischievous is taking duty-free orders if anyone else has a request.

Last item before we get back to the job at hand.  I was perusing through the dusty books and scrolls in the Vampire section of the monastery.  I’m not talking about those drama queens with their teenage angst  that are the rage today.  This is Vlad Tepes, The Impaler himself, the patriarch of all vampires,  the giver of death, the charming ‘Count Dracula’.  Even more interesting are the journals of The Count’s unwilling acolyte Renfield.  I must say that I’ve been absorbed by the insect-eating mental patient who can see through Dracula’s eyes when he is on the hunt.  It has been most enlightening and more than a little unsettling.  Renfield’s chilling accounts of Dracula’s victims willingly going to him as if sleep walking remind me a little of our zombies. 

Now on the job at hand.   Normally I don’t mind the editing process, but my current struggle is with the whole-sale rewrite I’m involved with.  I’ve mentioned that I had worked my way to chapter ten when I reverted and wrote a new chapter two which caused me revise chapter one.  So here I am three weeks into the eight I had given myself and I’m back to page one.  I know each time through it gets tighter, but time is fleeting.  And my ability to stay focused wanes.  I yearn to move on to something new and yet The Three Misfiteers deserve.  No they demand my attention.  I must say that Wicked’s recent blogs have been helpful as have all the comments from the Evil Six.  And yet I procrastenate.  I’m easily distracted by the shiny ball.  Stepping into week four I have some new insights and a greater resolve.  If your reading along I can only assume your either a writer or a self flagellator.  I can only offer this.  I get more joy out of bad day writing than almost anything else.  Remember that although writing is a lonely job, you are not alone.

Today I’ll leave you with this from Bram Stokers, Dracula.  These are remarks made by Dr. Van Helsing, “I am embarked on a grave duty.”   ” The stake we play for is life and death.”

Funny guy, huh?

Write On,


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