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Zombie Population on the Rise

Greetings and Salutations,

I’ve been digging around here in the monastery and I’ve uncovered some remarkable documents.

In spite of  the fact that Zombies are openly hunted in most of the country their numbers continue to grow.  It appears from what I’ve read that they’re also getting smarter, faster, and hungrier. This does not bode well for the living.  One other fact that has come to my attention is that they have developed discriminating taste buds.  They no longer stop for day old road kill.  It’s warm brains they want and they won’t be side tracked by a nice juicy thigh, or warm entrails.  What this means for the living is more zombies and less food.  It’s the whole supply versus demand business that politicians and economists like to haul out around election time.  Which by the way is pretty much always now.  But that’s a topic for another blog.

You might find this factoid interesting.  A study in the nation’s capital revealed the zombie per capita on and around the mall is much lower than the national average.  The same is true for the financial district in New York city.  It would appear that brains in these areas are in short supply.  I didn’t need a study to tell me that.

The good news is the folks over at A to Z Ammo have increased their hours to accommodate the over flow business.  Mischievous has been over there doing one minute radio spots for them all week.  They should start airing this week so keep a sharp ear for my good friend Mischievous.  I also heard he’s written a book and it’s scheduled to be released this week.  I can’t believe he got published before me.  I’m just saying.  I mean I’m happy for him and all, but what hell.  He’s been very tight-lipped about it so you’ll have to wait for the release party and book signing like everyone else.  I’m sure I’ll throw a big shindig at the Swamp for him.  So stay tuned.

Back to the zombies.  Remember the zombies?  This is a blog about zombies.  The question that begs to be asked is what’s a breather to do. (breather is the term zombies use for the living) One solution that has been put forth is assimilate.  If you can’t beat them join them.  You all remember the line from Star  Trek: The Next Generation “Resistance is futile.”  For those who think breathers still have something to offer, a career in politics might be your best bet.  Unless your numbers person, then you might prefer to steal honest hard-working American’s retirement funds in a Ponzi scheme.  That’s certainly a something you can aspire to.

As for me and the residents of the swamp we have a symbiosis relationship with zombies.  We attract fresh meat in the form of these stupid blog posts and they leave us alone so we can continue blogging.  I heard the swamp thing is building vacation condos that she going to list on VRBO.(vacation rentals by owner)  I don’t think she plans on returning any deposits if you catch my meaning

That is about all the news that fits the hint.

As is our custom I leave you with this quote from Friedrich Nietzsche.

“Good writers have two things in common: they prefer to be understood rather than admired: and they do not write for knowing and over-acute readers.”

Write On,


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