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Time Marches On

On Monday Snarky Dwarf our fabulous Whip Mistress asked, “Time…Where does it go?”  The question begs to be answered.  Last year I wrote a piece about clichés and used time as an example of cliché mania.  I think it may provide an answer; or muddy the question.  Either way I’m good.

 From November 12, 2010.  You know all those clichés about ‘time’? Like: time is fleeting, time heels all wounds, only time will tell, time is of the essence, time waits for no man, in the nick of time, all in due time, time after time. 

I could go on and on because, I’ve got time on my hands, but time is running out, so let’s make time. Making time; what the hell does that even mean?

For writers, clichés are the quicksand of language. (I’m going somewhere with this I promise) Time and again, (there’s another one) writers are cautioned not to use clichés and yet you can’t put time in a sentence with another word without risking the use of a cliché and yet that is the job of any writer worthy of the title. Do we falter? Continuously. But try we must, not to fall into the quicksand. Among the Evil Dwarves I admit I am the guiltiest of this infraction. So for this I throw myself on the mercy of the court and ask for lenience. My point here is (I told you this was going somewhere) that writers are not perfect, but we do our best to spin a worthy tail and follow the thousands of mind numbing rules that the industry imposes. So forgive us our indiscretions, allow for the misplaced comma or the occasional cliché and instead enjoy the story. Because in the end that is all there is.

Here are some I missed last year.  A stitch in time saves nine. Time is money. In due time. At a time like this.  There is no time like the present.  The times they are a changing.  There only so many hours in a day.  (Okay I’m reaching here.  Dwarves are short.  I reach a lot.)  

We have; good time, bad time, due time, on time, in time, only time, no time, spare time, same time, next time, big time, first time, full-time, part-time, easy time, closing time, save time, waste time, hard time, hot time, kill time, borrowed time, long time, short time, lost time, mark time.

I think I’ve wasted enough time. It’s about time I get on with this. If you can think of any notable ‘times’ I’ve missed, please chastise me in the comment box.  

Next time we’ll catch up with my neighbors in the swamp.  As you know by this time, I always leave you with a quote.

“Everything changed the day he figured out there was just enough time for the important things in life.”  D. Andreas 

Write On,


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  1. As I watch the sands of time dribble away, I can only say time marches on… 😉


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