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The New Story

            Alright kids, today we’re going to talk about my new story, “The Ebbson Isles.” If you’ve been following, you’d know that I’ve been writing a Sci-Fi and recently had to put it aside. Reasons included A. I was tired of writing it (well over three years in the making!) and B. I couldn’t stand not being able to make connections to Earth. You have no idea how hard it is to never be able to use common or even colorful idioms in speech, how bland dialogue is without them. Oh I know I could’ve made my own, but by the time I was skilled enough to do so, I’d been in the Station so long I got bored. I needed a new setting, needed to see new faces and meet new people.  And that’s about when the Ebbson Isles were born.

            It’s going to be fantasy, the same genre that I originally at the tender age of 16 began writing in. The story will feature a strong male lead from Earth, which will give me that connection I’ve been lacking in my previous story, and it’s also going to be told in first-person, a first even for me. As for plot it’s going to be pretty sensitive.

            “To Slay God,” will be the ultimate goal, but the guy my characters will be after of course isn’t the one true God, and there’s a whole list of rules and regulations for what a “god” is on the Ebbson isles and what they can do. Almost a completely different definition of “god” in fact! So no divine lighting strikes here.

            And that’s the gist of it! Oh, and I may or may not have elves in my story, but they won’t be the wussy pale-faces everyone usually goes with. No. They may look like normal humans, save for the ears, but it’ll take three boars to fill their bellies and they’ll be carrying freaking huge arbalests for weapons. How’s that for delicate?


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1 Comment

  1. susanff

     /  October 14, 2011

    I’ll be interested to see your elves. They sound more like the conventional stereotype of dwarves.

    Good luck!


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