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Music To My Ears

I hope my fellow dwarves had a good week and relaxing weekend.  As we get closer to encountering zombies, I hope all of you are on guard.  I have been polishing my lightsaber in earnest.

Today I’d like to muse about music.  I don’t know about you all, but I nearly always listen to music when I write.  In my college years, I had to wear headphones to block out annoying roommates to do anything on the computer and the habit has kind of stuck.  I find that songs with good beats and a fast pace are phenomenal for action sequences.  Love songs can make you feel all mushy and make your characters give each other spontaneous hugs.  Heartbreak songs can really move you to tears…and cause your characters to do sob-worthy things.  These can be bad or good things, depending on your ultimate goal.  But mostly, I find listening to my favorite songs can really lift my confidence and help the pace.

My absolute favorites have to be soundtrack pieces, though.  Young adult fantasy can be about love and heartbreak, but ultimately it’s about self-discovery and the adventure of growing up.  Not only do soundtrack pieces have dramatic flair that are a perfect match for the ups and downs of the teenage years, but they also have no distracting words.  Yet, they aren’t exactly classical, so I don’t find myself trying to listen to every little instrument trying to get “cultured.”

My favorites are Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Star Trek, and Pirates of the Caribbean pieces.  Epic battles of evil and good never sounded so good.

Now, if I could just put down on paper the equivalent of what I hear, I’d be prouder than any symphony conductor the world over.

What kind of music moves you? Do you listen to it as you write?

Until next time!

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