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Right and Wrong

            When I’m writing, I’m always right.

            It’s a funny statement, I know, but think about it. I know (usually) what is going to happen next, the reasons why, and it all makes perfect logical sense to me. There are few occasions where I’m not in the know, and even fewer where, somehow, I’m wrong and my characters that are living in my head are right. Super complex psychological stuff going on here, but don’t dabble on that too long.

            The reason I’m bringing this up is because I find it comical when I’m living in my little writing world for so long that I find out how completely astounding it is when, as I re-enter the real world, that I am wrong concerning something. And I don’t mean, no, the speed of light is not 186,287 mph says my friend, it’s 186282. No. I mean wrong as in here is a fundamental truth of this world and you are wrong, good sir. How do you beat that?

            Well that’s called growing up, learning from your mistakes, and becoming a better person.

            As said grower-upper, I just want to put out there that it sucks being wrong… but all the more fulfilling when I finally get it right.

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