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In search of my muse

When last we talked I heading to the Slice Your Own Deli to enlist the help of the muses to take out the zombie horde.  Well the muses have been difficult to track down.  Mischievous and I have searched everywhere.  Mischievous just heard from a reliable snitch that a new drinking establishment called The Swamp Shack recently opened.  He also heard that it has been inhabited by a raucous crowd all week.  We are heading there now.  Of course I don’t know what kind of shape they’ll be in if they’ve been drinking and fighting all week.

“Eerie look over there, it’s the Hummer for sure.”

“What a dump.  And the name, you think it took an advertising genius to come up with Swamp Shack.”

“That might be false advertising.  I don’t think it meets the building code standards for a shack.”

“Let’s have a look inside.  Keep close.”

“I can wait for you out here Eerie, to keep a watch out.”

“Come on my fearless feathered friend.”

“Hey, what happened?  It’s bigger than it looks from the outside.”

“Yeah, a lot bigger and nicer too.  This is–well, something only a muse could imagine. I’ll do the talking.  Pardon me, have seen a big guy, jeans, work boots, plaid shirt, a little surly maybe?

“Even the bird is big, judging by your size shorty. Who should say I say is asking?”

Eerie Dwarf, it’s matter of grave importance.

“Is it a life or death thing?” he sneers.

More of an undead and gone thing.  Is he here.  He may be traveling with a beautiful but scary looking woman.

“Their here, upstairs in the private members only lounge.”

Great I’ll just go up and–

“I can see you’re short, but is your hearing impaired too?  I said PRIVATE, as in members only.”

Yes, but you see i must–

“You must order a drink or find your way out the front door.  They left specific instructions not to be disturbed.”

“Eeire, a word.”  Mischievous tugs me a few paces from the bar.

What is it?

“I think if you order a drink and pay the man far too much, you might find him a little more sympathetic to your cause.”

“Excellent.”  Turning back, “We’ll have two of the house specials, thank you.”

Two Swamp Heads coming right up.”

I scribble a message on a scrap piece of paper while the bar keep toils away mixing our drinks.  They arrive a murky brown liquid swirling slowly in tall glasses and a grey fog clinging to rim.  I give Mischievous a questioning glance.  He shrugs, but says nothing.

“That’ll be five furlongs.” The bartender wipes away a couple drops of water that condensed on the glasses and dripped onto the otherwise immaculate bar.

I slide two twenty furlong notes across the polished bar along with the note.  “If  this note somehow found its way upstairs I would appreciate it twice as much.”

His bald pate wrinkled and a smile briefly visited his lips as he swiped the two bills and the note off the bar.  “I’ll see what I can do.”

Moments later two figures are stumbling down the steps giggling like children.  “Eerie, drink up we’ve  got zombies to decapitate.” my muse bellows then laughs heartily.

Mischievous leaned in whispering in my ear, “The broad has a broad sword.  How quaint.”

“I heard that.”  At the same moment a knife stuck into the bar top inches from Mischievous’ wing.

“Eerie you are on your own, I’m flying back.”  As quick as the knife arrived Mischievous departed leaving one shiny black feather sashaying to floor.

You’d better go too. I’ll see you next week with the zombie infestation under control I hope.  this weeks quote comes from H P Lovecraft.

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest fear is fear of the unknown.”

Write On,


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