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Graduation and that One memorable moment

            Ahh graduation. The sweet smell of victory.

            It took me six years to complete college, six years to finally be able to walk the line through the ASU arena, to stand clad in maroon and gold among my fellow graduates. Aside from waking up on the wrong side of the bed in the morning, (I had to get up at 6am! The ceremony was at 8!) everything went smoothly. I saw a few familiar faces, got to shake some prestigious individual’s hands, waved to some teachers, and, oh yeah, I was the first person to receive their diploma! Well the thing you put your diploma in after eight-to-ten weeks anyway.           

            But first! I was first!

            Since this is a writing blog and all, I know I can’t just write about my amazing accomplishments and my amazing life, (< — this was sarcasm, for those of whom do not understand comedy) so let’s take a note on a lesson in writing.

            My old creative writing teacher told me that a good short story told of one important moment in someone’s life, whether good or bad, dangerous or exciting. For example. The short story I just finished writing a few days back was the tale of a young farmer who danced with his goddess of the harvest. It was the one time in his life, and probably the last as far as the legends go, that his fingers would touch divinity, and that’s pretty damn important.

            Example number two is of course all about me.

            First, Rochelle was the nice lady of the fifth floor in ASU’s English department, and I’ve met her a few times in the past. After embarrassingly exchanging shoes with my father, (why I decided to wear white cross trainers is beyond me) I was around eighth in line for my school of English. Seeing how early I got there, I wasn’t surprised. After chatting with a few fellow students, Rochelle, who was to be the flag bearer for our line, recognized me and called me over. She then handed me this little green slip that had the worlds “First” printed in big bold letters across it and whispered “hey, you wana be the one to lead your line?”

            I nodded my head vigorously.

            Come on. How often do you get to lead your entire school of English’s line to the stage? Once. That’s how often you get the chance.

            So I took the little green piece of paper and stood proud at the front of the line.

            Then came the tension.

            I learned pretty quick she hadn’t received any training for being a flag bearer.

            I broke out into nerves, spit-firing questions like, “how will I know where to go?” She was the one who would be directing our line. I would be following her, but I would have to split off at some point. I wondered to myself, am I gonna be that one guy who messes up and leads everyone astray? Being the leader of your line means you lead the line, or in plainer terms, they follow my every step.

            Long story short, the time came and there were all sorts of people there to guide my way. But hey, who was I to know? I’ve never been to a graduation ceremony like that before. It could have been super formal or… something. Point is I was afraid, and needlessly at that. Ah, and to clarify, there were multiple “schools of” walking that day, School of English, School of Global yada yada, and I just didn’t lead my line, my line was the first line, so in essence, I led all the lines. And even though in the end it doesn’t matter, even though, if you think about it, it’s pretty inconsequential, I was the first to walk up there and receive my diploma-holder thing.

            How awesome is that?  



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  1. WOO HOO! WAY TO GO, QUIRKY! We are so proud of you! Even Mischievous is willing to give you one of his “sparkles” to celebrate your most fantastic accomplishment!
    Now that you’re a full fledged college grad, you can change your description from starving student to starving writer!


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