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Happy New Year

Greetings and Salutations My Minions,

It is my pleasure to welcome you back to the swamp.  You made it past the Zombie Gauntlet and arrived unscathed.  I hope you didn’t have any trouble getting past security.  The muses are a little enthusiastic about the pat down I’m afraid.  The upside is we can meet here in relative safety, at least from the zombies anyway.  You’ll want to steer clear of the Swamp Thing’s place.  I heard Mr. thing left her right before Christmas and she’s in a depressive state which she is taking out on any by-standers (innocent or otherwise).

Tomorrow is New Years Eve and of course the temptation is to talk about all those resolutions past and future that rarely get kept.  Not going there.  The next popular topic is the list thing, you know the ten best movies, bands, songs, books, or farts, of the past year.  Not going there either.

I’m a year older and in theory a year wiser, I’m going to share the harsh reality of getting older.  In my youth I was prone to excess.  I ate too much and all the wrong food groups, I drank too much and I don’t mean water, I played hard, I worked hard and I neglected all the things that were good for me.  I’ve learned not to regret my past, I can’t change it.  However, the bill has come due.

The abuse I put my body through in my youth is at the door, and it’s demanding payment for services rendered.  Mr. Abuse is a large man with an accent I can’t quite place, and a crooked smile that is not at all reassuring. He tells me in a friendly voice that payment is due.  It is not yet overdue he assures me and I can extend my credit line so I can continue down the Excess highway.  He seems a little too eager to be of assistance.  He takes a quick inventory of what assets I have left, strong heart, good lungs, my joints are shot, my digestive track is rebelling and my brain is suspicious.  Sure you can keep going he tells me.  You may have a little discomfort here and there, but nothing to worry about.

The truth is most of the things that are bothering me can be repaired and pretty easily too.  A better diet, a little exercise, sleep,  work in shorter shifts, less chaos.  These simple changes will delay my balloon payment.  Easy to say, commonsense right.  Refer back to earlier paragraph.  I do things to excess.  I have an addictive nature.  In my journey I have given up several things over the years.  Cigarettes was the first to go.  Next was drugs. Alcohol was a close third. I changed my diet for a while with good results but I didn’t stick to it.  I’m not very disciplined you see.  But as always the question is not if but when.  Mr. Abuse says I can make some minor changes in my life and start these easy installment payments now, or I can continue racking up the bills and make that giant balloon payment later.  Two weeks ago I started on the easy installment plan, it’s to soon to see if I’m paying down the interest.

But that’s not what this was supposed to be about.  What I meant to talk about is stuff. As we go through life we pick up stuff.  Some may call it baggage.  At some point we have to start shedding the stuff we’ve acquired.  The old saying, “You can’t take with you”, is no joke.  My advice is to start shedding early.  It’s easier to give up a little at a time.  Start clearing away the clutter in your life.  I find serenity in letting things go.

For a writer it is simply editing.  Take out the scenes that don’t further the plot or reveal your characters.  It makes your story stronger.  This I understand.  So this year as I start polishing the third draft of my novel I’m going to apply those same tools to my life.  It won’t be easy, but God will do most of the heavy lifting if I ask.

This weeks quote comes from Buddha. “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”

Write On,


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