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Life is Rough

Growing up is rough.

Rather, I should say that working life is rough and acclimating from a life of relative ease is a pain in the ass.

I recently started a new job (I won’t say where) and it’s a kind of place where I have to greet every customer with a smile, stand on my feet for eight hour intervals, and can quite easily cause truckloads of strife for everyone if I mess up on even the smallest detail. I have to pay attention and be aware at all times, and always, and I mean always, stay focused on my task.

I work around thirty to thirty-five hours a week, which is a good transition from zero to zero hours a week, but it’s hard you know? All that standing, all that talking, all that smiling. I used to just sit around and do homework, read, write, and play video games. You’d wonder why I even get up at eight in the morning to go to work.

Well, the answer is pretty simple. I do it for the pay. I do it because I have a 15k school loan to pay off, and I do it because I’m not about to be called a slacker by my parents whom graciously let me live in their home still.

In other words, I work because I have to.

I may not like it all the time, but the reward is worth it.

Copy/paste a generic young man from a generic fantasy novel and insert here. Poor guy’s livin the easy life (or as easy as it can get) on a farm and bam he’s suddenly got to go on a maaaaagical journey to save the world. He may not like trudging through poisonous swamps or fending off great red dragons on a mountaintop with a toothpick of a sword and a flimsy wooden shield, but he has to, else everyone he knows and loves will die.

My situation may not be so drastic, but I think I’m starting to get what every coming-of-age man eventually realizes when life slaps them in the face; I’ve got to go to work today so I can pay my bills, feed myself, and not sleep in a cardboard box tonight.

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