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removes embarrassing age spots, gets rid of unwanted facial hair, takes weight off hips, busts, thighs, chin, gives you dandruff, gets rid of black heads, heartbreak of psoriasis, it's a friend it's companion, it's the only product you'll ever need.

Hey folks, how’s it hanging?  As you can see Eerie is once again AWOL.  He claims to be writing with his muse down at The Swamp Shack.  I’m not altogether sure any writing gets done down there. I do know a lot of drinking gets done and that worries me.  Don’t tell anyone, but I think  Eerie may have a problem he hasn’t come to terms with.

I know he’s looney-tunes, everyone knows that.  I’m talking about his drinking problem.  Anyway I think his muse is a bad influence on him.  And if Wicked’s muse is with him, forget about it.  That woman scares the shine from my feathers.  I’m telling you, I won’t go back there after last time.  And the booze they serve, anything called Swamp Head just can’t be good for you.

Now let’s get down to business shall we.  Two weeks ago I suggested that you all go check out my new line of fashions and accessories EVERYTHING RAVEN, at mischievous.raven@yahoo.com.  I must say that I was disappointed at the less than enthusiastic response.  So today we will be having a little fashion show.  My assistants, the trolls are eagerly waiting to encourage you with your purchases.  Kiosks are set up at every exit for your shopping convenience.  As a special one time offer today only, you will receive  a free can of Troll Repellent with every purchase.

Step right up, everyone’s a winner, bargains galore.  That’s right you too can be the proud owner of

The quality goes in before the name goes on.

the lovely ensemble being modeled by none other than Karlie Kloss.  Next up Miranda Kerr is showing off the sexier side of Raven Wear with this one piece swimsuit.  Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations, these are originals folks.  Batteries not included.

“Hey MR.”

Get away from kid, you bother me.

“Urgent phone call from Eerie sir.”

Oh, you better put him through.  What’s that Eerie?  Your breaking up.  Can you hear me now?  Eerie?  Eerie?

I think I finally lost him.  It looks like we’ll have to cut the fashion show short.   We’re having a going out of business sale, everything must go.  50 % off original retail price.  Trolls are standing by to take your orders.

“It’s unethical to rub the phone on your chest when you’re talking, Raven.”  C. Rock Adial shakes his head.

Oh, hey C. Rock. It’s impolite to eavesdrop on someone else’s phone conversation.

“I don’t think Eerie will see it that way when he hears of this blatant commercialization of his blog.”

I see.  It’s like that is it.  Maybe you’re interested in some complimentary Raven Wear.

“I cannot be bought so cheaply.  50% of the take might dim my memory.”

30% of the net.

“40% of the net and a case of the Werewolf Monks Exsanguinate the Halls wine.”

You drive a hard bargain C R.

“I served his majesty for many years.  One is apt to pick up a few things along the way.”

Yes.  I bet that’s not all you picked up,

“Are you accusing me of common thievery.”

Not at all.  I’m sure there was nothing common about it.  If you’ll excuse me I’ve got to get this show packed up incase Eerie decides to come back early.

Eerie picked out this weeks quote before he left for the shack.  Don’t forget Everything Raven is always available at mischievous.raven@yahoo.com

“Dreams are the souls pantry.  Keep it well stacked and your soul will never hunger.”

~Cindy Williams

Shop On,

Mischievous Raven

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