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Mischievous is Coming Home

Greetings and Salutations Minions,

I’ve gotten word from The Three Misfiteers, they are pleased with my progress submitting their story out to literary agents.  They have agreed to set Mischievous free and we have made arrangements for the transfer.  I have the three Mischievous Raven Hoodies they requested ready to go.  For obvious reasons I cannot divulge the when or where the transfer is to take place.  They’ve assured me he is in fine spirits, but added if he doesn’t shut up soon they may have to tape his beak closed again.

Sending out the query letter has already reaped some results, as one very astute Literary Agency has requested the first 50 pages of my manuscript.  Because I am a writer this request had me first doing the dance of joy and then the march of dread, as I roller coaster through what if they don’t like it, what if there is some huge gaff on the first page, what if I’m delusional and they never really asked for it, what if the zombie horde intercepts it to pay me back for kicking them out of the Swamp at Christmas, what they hate the mailman who drops it off at their office, what if…

Sorry, I had to go take a pill.  What ifs aside, I’m combing through the first fifty pages checking for that huge gaff and the small ones too.  I couldn’t do this without the help of the other Evil Seven Dwarves.  (Yes that’s right, in case I failed to mention it with the abduction of MR and all.  Please welcome the newest of the Seven Evil Dwarves, ???Dwarf.  I know what your thinking seven and one make eight, but you would be wrong because we will always remain the Evil Seven, so just live it)  As I was saying I couldn’t do this without them.  So a big thanks as always for their support.

Our latest dwarf  is a wonderful writer with a sense of humor who hasn’t chosen her dwarf name yet.  We’ll have her in for an interview and she can tell you all about herself soon.

In other news around the Swamp.  The annual celebration of George Romero’s birthday is

tomorrow.  That’s right February the Fourth has snuck up me again.  (I haven’t done any shopping yet. I guess I’ll be giving away a lot of Mischievous Raven Wear)  In spite of MR’s abduction, plans for the celebration went on around here as they do every year .  The Three Misfiteers have agreed to have MR home in time for the party.  We’ve opened the gates to the Swamp and allowed some of the shamblers in for the festivities as long as they promise not to eat anyone during the party.  Slice your own Deli is catering the event of course.  And this year The Swamp Shack is setting up a complimentary open bar.  I hope the Muses will behave themselves, but honestly there isn’t much chance of that, especially with an open bar.

The Drop Dead Inn still has rooms available if you want to hang around until tomorrow for the party.  It promises to be better than ever since we’ll be celebrating Mr. Romero’s birthday and MR’s return home.  You really shouldn’t miss it.  Troll Security has been contracted to keep a lid on things, so bring some riddles with you in case you find yourself in scrape.

I’ve got to go.  It’s time to bring Mischievous home.  I’ll see you all next week in the interim I’ll leave with these words again this is from The Three Misfiteers, this is another one of Frank’s fortunes from the chinese restaurant.

“To know another is not to know his face, but to know his heart.”

Write On,


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  1. Susan Foss

     /  February 5, 2012

    Go E! 😀

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