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Walk the Plank

I’ve talked about this before, but experiencing life is pretty much the perfect place to find any kind of story material. Example: (and this is a case in humor) I was out and about for once with a friend and I was itching to do something different. He knew I didn’t drink, so he suggested that. When we got to the bar, his first question was “do you like drinks or do you like beer?” Personally I think beer tastes disgusting, no matter how many ‘hops’ or what have you is put in it. So I said I liked drinks, and he just shrugged his shoulders and let me order something called a “Walk the Plank.” Now, being an inexperienced drinker, one would imagine me smart enough not to order something that sounded like someone being thrown to the perilous seas, but hey, I wanted something new.

I wonder now if my friend got the irony of it all.

Half way through the drink my head was hot and I couldn’t seem to stop myself from laughing at the tiniest thing. I wasn’t drunk – I knew that from seeing what other people looked like when they were drunk – but I was… loopy, and I’m pretty sure the grande nacho platter I ordered was a result of the alcohol. The fact that I downed ¾ of the plate designed to serve 3-4 people (my friend, by the way, counts as .5, but he ate more than his fill too) is a testament to how ‘silly’ I was.

When I finished my drink, which I took down very slowly, I noticed some guy get served this tall, tall glass of beer, and I asked my friend “how can that guy take all that liquor?”

“It’s because its beer, Kyle. That much beer probably has a fraction of the alcohol in what you just drank.”

And look! I learned something new. Could I make this into a story? Sure I could! Just add a few twists, a few turns, a few perils, a villain or three, and bam, you’ve got a story. The point is, when I write, if I need to, I can draw from this very experience and add all sorts of flavor, detail, and realism to my story.

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