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Life on Life’s terms

Greetings and Salutations,

Well it’s been two weeks since Mischievous was released from his kidnappers and he still isn’t willing to talk about it.  So my exclusive interview is still on hold.  He is seeing a psychologist to help him with his post traumatic stress syndrome.  For now we’ll give him some space and as much support as possible.  The Swamp is finally recovered from the annual George Romero Birthday Bash and things are getting back to what passes for normal.  C. Rock Adile is as obnoxious as ever and Swamp Thing is her usual grumpy self.  The muses have been busy lately with Wicked getting her second book Shadows Soul to the publisher.  Snarky the Whipmistress herself sent out Bloodstorm AKA Bite This.  And myself getting 50 pages out to Mallory Durik, one very intelligent and insightful agent for a look-see at The Three Misfiteers.  Did I mention Mallory’s also beautiful and charming.  My point here (besides sucking up) is the muses are staying out trouble.

With so many great works of American literature hitting the mail both E and Snail, the word editing is very much on the groups lips these days.  It seems we all love writing, but editing is the bastard step child we must tolerate.  I heard or read somewhere, “No one likes to write but we love to have written.”  I’ll look that up before we’re finished here for the attribution.  I love writing the first draft of a story.  The characters are coming to life for the first time, ideas crash into each other like hockey players, and plot devices fall from the sky.  I’m not worried about what hand reached for the spoon of what ever.  I’m getting down the broad strokes watching the story evolve.  It’s a rush watching the plot take shape as my characters make decisions I too afraid to make.

Editing and revising on the other hand is when you get to use those grammar rules you learned in school (or in my case didn’t learn).  It’s also the time you get see your character putting on their coat twice without ever having taken it off.  In short you get to make your story into something readable.  Almost every writer I’ve ever met or read praises their editors.  There is good reason for that.  Because with their help the story you loved when your fingers where flying over the keys during that first draft becomes readable.   So thank you  to the editors in the world who help writers to bring their stories to light.  Without you we are stories without readers.

I’m going to leave it there with this quote from the master Stephen King who said, “To write is human, to edit divine.”

Write On,


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  1. vanillamom

     /  February 24, 2012

    Just made me laugh out loud. “Character putting on his coat twice w/o ever removing it”…

    i did nanowrimo privately since yanno, sex writing was “not allowed” on that forum…

    and i like what i wrote. I let it lay a long while. and when i went back to it? I cut the first 900 words or so. I felt like i’d cut off my own arm. I’m still in recovery, actually.

    But i’ve made my way up to chapter 4…progress on the forward road and all that bs.

    Thanks for a humorous look at the edit process. It is a “necessary evil” isn’t it?


  2. Hey Nilla,
    Thanks for the comment. I remember my first edit and how I bled for each and every adverb as if I’d given birth to them all. I be checking up on your progress.



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